Generally, I am interested in, and support, ecological and social sustainability and alternative energy. I refer to the following resources:

As an aging individual, I am interested in the healthy extension of the human life span. Please see , the website of the Foundation for Infinite Survival. As noted by Dr. Chadd Everone, the Trustee of the Foundation (I have served as a scientific advisor and supporter for many years), the increase in the average life span over the past 100 years from a little over 40 years to, now, nearly 80 years, has allowed many more humans to continue to learn and contribute far more to society, to science, and to technology than was the case a century ago. The contribution of this additional human capital to the potential advancement of our species is unparalleled. Living still longer would, in general, allow still more experience and expertise to be applied to our problems, helping to assist in the sustainability efforts that are so important right now.
Longer-lived humans would care more about the outcome over the next century or longer, rather than just the next few decades, thereby bringing more personal interest into humanity’s efforts to achieve solutions resulting in true sustainability.
I have also helped finance Chadd’s development of .

Personally, I enjoy staying active: swimming, light resistance training, dancing, enjoying live music performances (of which there are many in Honolulu/Waikiki), and socializing with family and friends. And I’m a “projects” type of guy, so I’m often collaborating on business ideas or societal concerns.