My primary profession since 1971 has been the investment in, and management of, various income producing real estate. My experience includes property searches and evaluation; negotiation, financing and purchase; management, leasing, maintenance and repair; optimization and resale. Property types include homes, apartments, hotels, rooming houses, stores and offices; and I have subdivided and developed vacant land. I have also syndicated and secured financing for a number of these projects. My companies own and manage property, perform general contracting, and consult.

I am involved in real estate operations and other businesses in Texas, California, and Hawaii. My former contracting company performed substantial renovations for the City of Berkeley, moved and renovated homes, and remodeled apartments, hotels, offices and stores. I have been a “hands on” manager, maintenance supervisor, and contractor, having personal experience in most phases of construction and managing/maintenance.

I have had continuous contact with a wide variety of people, from professional people (attorneys, architects, researchers and professors, publishers, geologists, engineers and building contractors, media professionals, advertisers, insurance agents, real estate and loan brokers, among others) with whom I have worked or who have rented professional office space from us, to apartment and rooming house residents (from all walks of life), to my employees (from office managers to custodians); and have worked effectively with almost all of them. Our employees have earned respectable hourly wages and/or participated in a generous profit sharing or retirement plan; services are therefore generally good and employees and partners are satisfied.


  • Undergraduate University of California, Riverside, 1960-5
    B.S. in Biology and Physical Sciences, 1965
  • Graduate University of California, Berkeley, 1965-72
    Ph.D. in Physiology, 1972


  • Veterans’ Administration Hospital, Martinez, CA, 1968-71
    Administrative Assistant, Physiology Research Labs
  • Income Property Owner/Manager, CA, TX, & HI, 1971-present
    General Projects Administrator
  • Access Service Center, Berkeley, CA, 1978-90; and
  • Additions and Building Construction, Honolulu, HI, 1990-present
    General Contractor/Supervisor
  • Institute for Quality Living, Berkeley, CA, 1977-2016
  • Punahou Ridge Corp., Honolulu, HI, 1986-2023
    Director/Officer/General Manager